Born and raised in Concord, NC, Alexa Jenson started writing songs at the age of fourteen, making her way to local venues by the time she was sixteen. After three years of playing open mics and bar gigs, she managed to sell out The Evening Muse, a Charlotte music staple, as she released her self-titled debut EP. Throwing a nod to her influences, such as Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, and Billy Joel, Jenson doesn’t quite fit into any specific musical mold and nor does she want to. 

From the vulnerable lyrics like “I love you just the same when you tear apart my brain” to the empowering “No you won’t fuck with my mental health / You’re only doing this to yourself,” Alexa’s songs cover a wide variety of raw emotions taken from her own personal experiences. With her band in tow, and a new record to promote, she brings the feelings cradled in her bedroom to center-stage, with a newfound attitude and hopes that you might feel them to. Or not. Either way, she doesn’t really care what you think.